Ear to the Ground by The Vibration (Review)

The Vibration take what worked in The Cranberries and Sleater-Kinney and throw in a little Björk as well.
Ear to the Ground - The Vibration

People tend to say female groups (I try not to use the term “girl groups” unless I’m speaking of 11 year olds) are just formed to get certain groupings of fans. Such as horny males and feminist women. Which is sad, because there are plenty of female rock groups that deserve some attention, and I’m not talking about asking them for their phone numbers. One such group would be New York’s The Vibration.

I had the utmost pleasure of actually seeing them perform live, which I have to say was an exciting experience, mainly because it was in an apartment and they rocked the roof clean off. They have put out an EP on BC Records called Ear to the Ground which should have been called Ear To The Stereo (bad pun, I know) because I’ve been listening to this 5-song EP nonstop. They even include an extra unlisted sixth track, which I have to say is very kind to the buyer.

Ann Fitzgerald is on lead vocals and she takes charge with a knack for singing with a touch of class and a little kick-to-the-face action. You feel the passion when she sings in songs like “No Eyeliner” and “Vibration.” Can we say catchy hooks and basslines by both Randie Williams (guitar) and Annie Salermo (bass)? I think… actually, I know so. And Allison Esposito’s drumming gets you off your lazy asses and you just can’t help but feel the beat as it pounds out of your stereo. They end the album with the catchy and emotional “Badge.” I keep singing out loud “I can’t hear you!”

The Vibration take what worked in The Cranberries and Sleater-Kinney and throw in a little Björk as well. Yet they have a individual sound that I can’t say I can pin a label on, which shouldn’t be the case. Labels shouldn’t always be put on good music, music that touches you with its thought-provoking lyrics. I can’t stop listening to it.

I thought the only EP worth listening to in 2003 was TV On The Radio’s Young Liar. I’m actually glad I was quite wrong. You can buy this EP for a measly $5 (worth more) at www.bcrecs.com and you can check The Vibration out at their webpage.

I give them a 9.5 out of 10 for rocking out and making me want more. Come out with a full-length. Please! I beg you!! They are a killer rock group, hands down, and shows this world of masculinity that you don’t need something flapping between your legs to rock the shit out of everyone.

Written by James McCormick.

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