It​’​s Okay to Live a Quiet Life by Denison Witmer (Review)

Denison Witmer’s new single espouses a quiet life in a suitably hushed manner.
It​'​s Okay to Live a Quiet Life - Denison Witmer

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Denison Witmer. Following the release of 2020’s American Foursquare, he’s been primarily focused on raising a family and running a carpentry business. Given that shift to the domestic and quotidian, the title of his new single — “It’s Okay to Live a Quiet Life” — feels entirely apropos.

Now, no one could ever accuse Witmer of being raucous; by and large, his extensive catalog is typified by hushed, soft-spoken folk music, and this latest single is no different. Indeed, when Witmer sings “You don’t have to prove a thing/To yourself or anyone,” it’s more than just good advice; it could very well be his mantra or modus operandi. And yet, the earnestness in his voice and lyrics, combined with his simple-yet-beautiful arrangements, makes it clear that he’s no slacker, nor is he just coasting by on past laurels.

“It’s Okay to Live a Quiet Life” comes in two flavors. The A side is stripped down, with just Witmer’s voice, acoustic guitar, and piano. The B side fleshes out the song with layered vocals, some electric guitar, and subtle keys. Both versions are gorgeous, and a welcome return of a gifted singer/songwriter.

On an Instagram post from last November, Witmer mentioned that he’s been working on a new full-length album. Which I’ll definitely be checking out when it’s released.

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