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Put Us in Tune by Thou (Review)

Not a masterpiece, but it shows a band that could be worth keeping an ear on in this decade.
Put Us in Tune - Thou

Debuts can be misleading… Sometimes, they are really excellent. At other times they are bad, with a better followup. And the rest of the time, debuts feel like a compilation that hints at the potential of the group. I think Belgian group Thou falls into this third category. The group recently made a debut with Put Us in Tune. It doesn’t quite fit in rock, or in post-rock, or in trip-hop, yet it contains a lot of these styles.

At first sight, many might pick up the album because of it’s two most obvious hooks. First, it is produced by John Parrish (PJ Harvey’s sidekick). Second, the songs are based on samples of songs deleted by Portishead. But don’t let this mislead you; the group manages to have their own sound instead of taking complete advantage of the samples.

For example, we have the poppy opening track “Kids Do Ride,” a delicious pop tune with electronic rhythms. “Perverts” is a completely rock theme. “In Tune” alternates melancolic melodies with a crunchy guitar. “Amuse” is a brilliant post-rock song. “Plasticine” is a somber track that gives you a very weird feeling at times, and “Up To Me” could easily fit in Ian Brown’s solo records. You should probably listen to the whole record, so you realize the potential of Thou.

Thou is a band worth checking out. If you are into new, promising bands, this one might satisfy you. Put Us in Tune is not a masterpiece, but it shows a band that could be worth keeping an ear on in this decade.

Written by Pekky Marquez.

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