Tronic Treatment by Christian Smith (Review)

While it has hooks aplenty, it doesn’t really have standout tracks.
Tronic Treatment - Christian Smith

More from Moonshine, then. It’s a trance compilation, apparently “about where Christian is at now.” Where Christian is at happens to be in the vicinity of Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin as they provide sleevenotes. So… highly recommended by those in the know, how does it function on the home stereo of someone who doesn’t, and won’t ever, have “DJ” in front of their name? Well, a lot like a decent old-fashioned (i.e. good) trance record.

Lots of functional beats and percussive flourishes, and bass lines you can hum, almost like house music. In fact, I believe some of it is house. Well, strike me pink, it’s a trance compilation that isn’t snobby. It’s even shameless enough to feature Junior Sanchez, one of the most overworked remixers of mid ’90s pop. Being open to everyone doesn’t mean cheesy however. Fun and uplifting doesn’t mean cheesy either. It is a mix CD by a DJ who clearly wants to show off some dance records that don’t insult his clubbers’ intelligence, but don’t leave them standing around looking bored either.

Now obviously this has no smash chart hits on it. While it has hooks aplenty, it doesn’t really have standout tracks. You might be aware of liking the one with a particularly buoyant bass line, or the one that squelches perhaps, but being able to name all the tracks seems a bit unnecessary. Who is this aimed at? Anyone who needs a new mix CD. You would probably enjoy this, it’s a fine and accessible collection mixed well. Nuff said.

Written by Paul Morton.

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