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I was almost half-way through this Netflix series when I realized several things. First, I didn’t care one whit about these characters or what happened to them. Second, this “action comedy” had elicited, at most, four mild chuckles. Third, if I want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger star as a secret agent who has to juggle his secret life with his family life, then I should really just watch True Lies again. And fourth, I’m all for gun safety and believe that modern visual effects have removed the need to have real guns on a set. But for heaven’s sake, make sure sure that your gun-related visual effects (e.g., muzzle flashes, blood splatter) don’t look as cheap or rushed as they do in FUBAR. It actually made me feel bad for Schwarzenegger that, despite being one of the greatest action stars of all time, he starred in a series with such poorly executed action. Did not finish.

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