My Cultural Diet

409 reviews of movies, TV shows, books, restaurants, etc. My own private Goodreads, Letterboxd, and Yelp all rolled into one (more info). Star ratings are 100% subjective, non-scientific, and subject to change. May contain affiliate links, which support Opus.
Flawless. A sublime experience that’ll leave your life immeasurably better than it was before.
Nearly perfect. Even if I have some minor quibbles, you should experience this ASAP. You’ll thank me later.
Excellent. I found this meaningful and would have no problem recommending it to most folks.
Very good. Flaws notwithstanding, I still had a good time with this. No regrets.
Good. Nothing mind-blowing but I still found some things to like about this. Could’ve been better, though.
Meh. I neither liked nor hated this. For better or worse, it's mostly forgettable.
Poor. An occasional flicker of promise, but in the end, this mainly sucked.
Very poor. A waste of time but not the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.
Train-wreck. I regret wasting my life on this. My day would’ve been better spent cleaning toilets.
Abysmal. This diminished my faith in humanity. Whoever made it should rethink their life choices.
No opinion. Probably because I couldn’t finish this… or simply didn’t want to.

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