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A Dim Halo’s First Performance

Well, I’d say the very first performance of a dim halo went better than I could have ever hoped. Admittedly, it didn’t start out too smoothly, and I went into the evening with a sour attitude. But that all went away when we started playing. I’m hardpressed to think of a time when we played our songs better, and the fact that we got to play them for close friends made it all the sweeter. Afterwards, everyone just hung out and talked until late in the night. Life rarely gets better than it was that night.

We recorded the show, so if it turned out alright, I’ll have some clips for everyone to listen to. Thanks to everyone who came and watched 5 dorks make an attempt at playing some beautiful music (and thanks to Rob and Judah for letting us borrow their gear, and to my roommates for letting us get really noisy down in the basement).

Once the Christmas season has past, we hope to play some more shows, and maybe even have a website up.

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