A Miracle of Sorts…

I was fully prepared for this weekend to be a complete disaster. Think about it… 5 guys piled in a van for over 15 hours to play 45 minutes of music. But I think a small miracle happened; friendships were strengthened, music was played, and I had one of the best 3 days of my life.

It came from that freedom that comes with just travelling, the knowledge that nothing outside the van matters, and that, at least for a few days, your only purpose is to play your music. It came from looking up in the middle of the night, and seeing 2 of your closest friends engaging in a conversation that they never would’ve had otherwise. It came from playing the same songs you’ve played for 3 months in a new place. It came from all of those vulgar jokes and crass conversations that did nothing but deepen friendships, that shared a bit of yourself in ways that nothing else ever could, that will never ever leave the van. It came from seeing friends that you rarely get to see, but wish you saw everyday.

You get a closer glimpse of what really matters in life. It’s born out of playing loud music, travelling hundreds of miles, going without showers and deodorant for days, and talking without any clichés or pretense. I’m sure that any nice, clean, “Christian” kids trapped in the van with us would’ve been screaming to leave after a few hours, because we weren’t “nice” and “clean.”

We were real, as real as we’ve ever been with each other. And while I’m sure that some parents, pastors, and teachers might frown on that, I think saw a small miracle take place in that van.

Dear God… let us tour really, really soon.

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