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A Feast of Ice and Fire

I never thought I’d ever want a cookbook, but I want this one.
Lemon Cakes
Lemon Cakes(The Inn at the Crossroads)

For the last year or so, The Inn at the Crossroads blog has been going through George R.R. Martin’s celebrated A Song of Ice and Fire novels and cooking up the various meals and delicacies contained within its pages. Which, as it turns out, are quite a few. If you’ve read any of Martin’s books, you know that he loves to describe lavish feasts packed with extravagant dishes (e.g., a giant pie with a hundred doves baked inside that fly out when the crust is broken) — almost as much as he loves to describe political corruption, sex, and disembowelment.

What’s more, they go truly old school with their cooking, by attempting to find truly medieval recipes for the food that Martin describes — such as a recipe for pigeon pie with bacon. (Can any age really be called a “dark age” if they were cooking with bacon?)

Anyways, the two ladies behind The Inn At The Crossroads have just announced that they’ll be publishing an actual cookbook titled A Feast of Ice and Fire, due out in September 2012. I never thought I’d ever want a cookbook, but I want this one. Until then, bring on the Rack-of-Lamb in crust of garlic and herbs, sweetwine, and lemon cakes.

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