Salmon Sundays

A pandemic-inspired cooking routine has become one of our weekly highlights.
Cilantro lime salmon
Cilantro lime salmon with mango salsa

One of the decisions that my wife and I made during the pandemic was that if we were going to be eating out less (due to businesses being closed, health restrictions, etc.), then we were going to step up our game with regards to cooking at home. (Which is saying something, because my wife is already an incredible cook.)

And thus was born “Salmon Sundays.” As the name suggests, we try a different salmon recipe each Sunday for dinner, and suffice to say, it’s become one of the highlights of the week — and something we’ll continue even as the pandemic subsides. (Fortunately for us, our kids hate fish, which just means more for us.)

We’ve tried a bunch of solid recipes, but our favorite by far is Tieghan Gerard’s cilantro lime salmon with mango salsa, served on jasmine rice. It’s not the easiest meal to make compared to some of the recipes we’ve tried, but the results are always worth the effort. And as you can see by the photo above, it’s as lovely as it is tasty.

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