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Asthmatic Kitty

I meant to post this before I took off on vacation, but it sort of got lost in the hustle and bustle of everything. I’ve declared my love for Asthmatic Kitty many times in the past, what with releasing solid albums from the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Viva Voce, Liz Janes, and the like. Two new albums have just been released, and there are amazing previews available on the site.

Last week, Pitchfork fell all over themselves raving about The Castanets’ debut, Cathedral. I haven’t picked it up myself, but I’m absolutely digging the MP3 on Asthmatic Kitty’s site. Entitled “Three Days, Four Nights”, it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve heard on the label, and if it’s any indication, the album will be real doozy.

There’s also a new track from Liz Janes’ latest, Poison & Snakes, entitled “Wonderkiller”. The track has a certain dreamy 50s’ female vocal group feel to it, before Janes really lets loose, PJ Harvey style, with her amazing vocals. I’ve heard the entire album, thanks to Chris’ car stereo, and it strikes me as a real development over her debut. I can’t wait to get my own grubby little mitts on a copy.

Also on the Asthmatic Kitty tip, Viva Voce are releasing a new album on September 14th, entitled The Heat Can Melt Your Brain, which is available on their website.

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