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The Beauty of Dice

When your dice look this good, you’re bound to roll more natural 20s.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Dispel Dice’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign for their handcrafted RPG dice sets. Since then, my Twitter feed has been filled with lots of pictures of other pretty dice sets — which is a nice change of pace from the subject matter that Twitter is usually known for.

The Drowned Sea - Everything Dice
The Drowned Sea(Everything Dice)
The Abyssal Gate - Yaniir
The Abyssal Gate(Yaniir)
Glacial Aurora - Everything Dice
Glacial Aurora(Everything Dice)
Fireball - Citrouye
Her Radiance of the Alleyways - Yaniir
Her Radiance of the Alleyways(Yaniir)
Loch Noir - Yaniir
Loch Noir(Yaniir)
Magnificent Malevolence - Everything Dice
Magnificent Malevolence(Everything Dice)
Voyager - Fathom Dice
Voyager(Fathom Dice)
The Terror - Everything Dice
The Terror(Everything Dice)
Shendilavri - Yaniir

Handmade dice sets like the ones above can cost anywhere from $45 to well over $100. But I’m fairly certain that when your dice look this good, you’re bound to roll more natural 20s. — so it’s all worth it in the end.

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