Dispel Dice’s Kickstarter Campaign

The massively successful campaign for these handcrafted dice has raised almost $2 million to date.
Dispel Dice Black Emerald

I suppose it was inevitable, but now that I’m regularly playing Dungeons & Dragons, I’ve found myself looking for new and interesting dice sets. Take, for instance, the handcrafted sets that have been announced as part of the insanely successful Dispel Dice Kickstarter campaign. Originally starting off with a $20,000 goal, the campaign has raised almost $1.9 million in three days — and as of right now, it still has 29 days left. (The lesson? Never underestimate the purchasing power of nerds with disposable income.)

I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to spend $48 on a set of dice, but if I did, it’d definitely be on these beauties. The “Black Emerald” (pictured above), “Crimson Nebula,” and “Mariana Trench” designs are particularly nice.

Kotaku recently interviewed Dispel Dice founder Karen Wang about her campaign and her plans to deal with its massive success. Already, some are wondering if Dispel Dice’s campaign has become too successful for its own good. But according to Wang’s latest campaign update, she already has two production facilities working on the dice, with a third on the way. Still, many backers will have to wait until at least August 2021 to get their dice and start rolling those awesome-looking 20s.

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