“Bend the Round” by Emma Anderson

The former Lush vocalist is releasing her debut solo album this October; watch the video for its first single.

As a member of the iconic shoegaze outfit Lush, Emma Anderson’s vocal harmonies with Miki Berenyi were an indelible part of the band’s sound. But on her upcoming album Pearlies, Anderson’s voice stands alone — and as heard on the first single “Bend the Round,” it’s a lovely thing.

Of course, it’s hard not to hear some Lush in the mix; the album’s origins lie in bits and pieces that Anderson had originally written for a new Lush album before that band’s dissolution in 2016. Anderson’s dreamy voice is unmistakeable as it slips and slides through lightly psychedelic arrangements courtesy of producer James Chapman (Maps) as well as additional guitar riffs from Suede’s Richard Oakes.

Pearlies isn’t the first post-Lush project for Anderson — she also released a couple of albums with Lisa O’Neill under the Sing-Sing moniker — but it is her first proper solo album. And it’ll be released by Sonic Cathedral on October 20, 2023.

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