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Constellation Records gets a facelift

Constellation Records’ new website is up and running (or rather, it has been up and running for quite some time now — I’m just a little slow sometimes). And along with a new website comes a slew of new releases. From the label’s own mouth:

We have lots of new releases planned for 2006, and a bunch of them will be out this spring. They all sound great. They do not sound alike in any way. They are not post-rock. They are not made by dirty hippies or black block anarchists, who we love; they do not sound like Marc Bolan or The Fall, who we love. They do not want to be loss leaders in a larger cross-marketing and convergence strategy, where the bills get paid by TV tragicomedies and ad execs. Our artists are not on the take, so if you are impressed or intrigued by their efforts, please consider paying them a small reward, by purchasing a lovingly handled record or three. Which you can now do on-line, by the way.

Oh, and apparently, Safari doesn’t like the new design, but I can’t detect any flaws. YMMV.

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