New Constellation

I happened by the Constellation Records website today, and saw two new exciting releases posted.

Polmo Polpo will be releasing their second album, titled Like Hearts Swelling, on September 22. Their previous album, last year’s The Science of Breath, really blew me away with it’s propulsive mix of dub and house-influenced electronica, slide guitar, and cello. According to Constellation, the new album is “a subtle, enveloping, kaleidoscopic instrumental pop record, brimming & bursting like hearts swelling.” Sounds good to me.

On September 2, The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band will be releasing their third album, This Is Our Punk Rock. Personally, I’m sort of getting burnt out on all of this apocalyptic chamber music; Godspeed’s last album did absolutely nothing for me. However, Silver Mt. Zion’s music has always been a bit subtler and more intimate than Godspeed’s. I wouldn’t put it past Efrim and Co. to release an album that will cut me to the quick.

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