Cornerstone 1999: In Closing

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The Asylum crew

Cornerstone is my favorite place on Earth. The bands and shows are great, but the people are the best anywhere. After waking up on the 5th, I got ready for the long trek back across Iowa to Lincoln, Nebraska. I was making the trip alone, because Shiloh, Becky, and Shawn had left for Chicago the day before. Greer, Tricia, her brother, and a few of us went out for one last time together at the Highway Family Diner. It was the first meal I’d had in a week that I didn’t eat out of can and that came with a plate and silverware. Afterwards, we all went to the playground and goofed off for a little while longer before the inevitable goodbyes.

I’ll sum up my trip back by saying… I’ll never make that trip alone again. After almost falling asleep at the wheel 4 or 5 times, I finally found that Oldies and Classic Rock stations were the only things that kept me awake. I’m sure I must’ve looked quite wierd to people on the Interstate as I sang along to Elvis, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Steppenwolf.

Of course, I didn’t have the wild adventure of Nolan and Jenn. Turns out that they hit a racoon and then a deer, totalling Jenn’s car. Then they spent 6 hours in a small Iowa town waiting for Nolan’s dad to get them. He told it to me and it sounds like a David Lynch film. Nolan’s going to write a short story about it, and when he does, I’ll try to put it up here.

Like I said, the best part of Cornerstone is always meeting people. So I just want to take some time and thank those who made Cornerstone 1999 what it was.

Mad Props

Greer (TADOW!), Patricia (or Emma or Trixie or whatever your real name is), Joe and the Asylum crew (you guys did it again — thanks for your servants’ hearts), Juan (thanks for the beads and the Joy Electric set), DJ Dedd, Jeremy and Jess, Ziggurat Consortium and Beta Carotene (hope I spelled that right), Christian (for the Trilogy), Josh (Son of Nun), Brian, Torri, Brandy (aka fakepants), Rachel and Avi (glad you guys could make it), Jennie (I wish we would’ve spent more time together), the guys who led the Praise and Worship times in the Asylum, and everyone else I met but forgot.

Big Love

Nolan, Jenn, Shiloh, Shawn, Becky, Mark, and to the Smith and Gilly clans for being our surrogate families for a week.

Respect And Shout Outs

Pedro the Lion, Joy Electric, Ballydowse, Psalters, Havalina Rail Co., Unwed Sailor, Scientific, and the other bands that entertained and inspired.

See You Next Year

Vanya, Daniel and Lisa, Brent and Sara, Joe and Jamie (I never got to see you this year). C2K in the house!

One Final Thought

Now, at the very beginning of this manifesto, I mentioned that I realized something in this fest. And now that I’ve written down a fairly accurate record of the events, or so I hope, I realize it all that much more.

I got another insight into the size and scope of the God I serve. My God proved to be so much bigger than all of the things that happened. Bigger than the tremendous downpour that happened Wednesday. Even though people were soaked and discouraged, the fellowship and friendship never stopped. Bigger than my dead battery. Big enough to protect us from the heat (which can really lay me out). Big enough to get me through the “Johnny On The Spot” experiences. Big enough to get me home safe, even though I might have ended up in a terrible mess. Big enough to protect Nolan and Jenn from getting injured, although Bambi fared much worse.

I don’t want to sound cliched and overly-zealous or something. However, God provided for me in so many ways. He provided food and shelter when I needed it. He provided health and altertness when I needed it.

There were so many opportunities for things to go horribly, horribly wrong. But we all came though unscathed. We all came through under Grace. And what amazing, unending Grace it is.

I wish it never had to end, but since it did, I’ll just wait and see all of my brothers and sisters next year.

Peace, Love, and God’s Blessings…

Jason (aka Nekros)

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