Cornerstone 1999: Jason’s Diary, July 3

Today was the Asylum’s Vegetarian Potluck, featuring Orlando Greenhill and Joy Electric unplugged.
Joy electric asylum cornerstone 1999 1
Joy Electric unplugged at The Asylum

Musically, July 3 didn’t have a lot going for it. But socially, it ruled. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve mentioned the Asylum several times in this commentary. Now, earlier comments may have made it out to be a place where only Goths and scary people hung out at. This is not the case. The Asylum was, and is, for anyone and everyone.

Although its core group are the goths, rivotheads, and underground types, it was just a place for anyone to come and get a cup of coffee. It was also an excellent place for fellowship and friendship. For example, every day at 11:00, they had an excellent Praise and Worship time. It was just a very free and open environment of praising God, testifying to His goodness, and sharing the Word.

Two Asylum events occurred which further reinforced that. Now, they weren’t as “spiritual” as a Praise and Worship time, but as far as fellowship goes, they were tops. The first was the 3rd Annual Vegetarian Potluck. I’m not a vegetarian, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying some of the best fellowship I’ve had in a long time, not to mention having a ton of fun. This year, the Potluck was extra special for a few reasons.

The first was Orlando Greenhill. Orlando is the bassist for Havalina Rail Co., but is also a fierce and manic spoken word artist. Listening to him is like listening to scattershot — a hundred ideas fly out all at once and all hit their mark. Just watching Orlando is entertaining — his facial expressions, dancing, and movements are too dang cool.

Second was an acoustic performance by Joy Electric. Sounds ironic, huh? I’ll admit it was somewhat surreal to see Ronnie Martin playing an acoustic guitar. He performed 4 songs, and I think the entire place was spellbound. If anything, it whetted my appetite for his show on Sunday. After Joy Electric was an unplugged praise and worship time by Headnoise. It was very refreshing to see this band, normally a punk group, do acoustic praise and worship in a very honest and beautiful manner.

I wanted to see SS Bounty Hunter — Nolan said their show was insane — but I was at the Veggie Potluck for quite some time. I did get to see a little bit of Miranda Stone. Although very reminiscent of Ani DiFranco, Stone’s performance was a creature all it’s own. Highly energetic, Stone had the crowd in the palm of her hand, and proved to me that she’s another artist that Christian music needs.

After seeing Miranda Stone, Tricia and I headed over the to Imaginarium to catch Time Bandits by Terry Gilliam. An incredibly wierd film about a group of dwarves who steal a map of time and space from the Supreme Being in order to pull off the greatest robberies in the world, the film is bizarre, out there, and a blast to watch. And it even has some interesting statements about the nature of good and evil.

Now, I mentioned that there were two events at the Asylum. The first was the Vegetarian Potluck. The second was the 1st Annual Cornerstone Prom, or the Shaniqua Ball as it was also called. Seeing all of the kids in their costumes was a lot of fun (my only gothwear of the fest was my Joy Division t-shirt). We were up until 2 or 3 in the morn, dancing to The Cure, The Creatures, Apoptygma Beserk, Halou, and Front 242. I think there was even some Def Leppard. Although I was bummed out about not having a costume, I’m already working on one for next year.

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