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Darth Maul: Apprentice Is a Fantastic Star Wars Fan Film

Thanks to German filmmaking duo T7 Production, the Sith Apprentice has never looked better.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the best part of the Star Wars prequels was not watching Anakin Skywalker’s slow slide to the dark side of the Force; it was Darth Maul. Granted, he only showed up in the first film, but in a way, the Dathomirian’s sort of like the prequel’s Boba Fett: he wasn’t in there for very long but he left an indelible mark, and has been a cult favorite ever since. (Although a lot of his storyline is no longer canon following Disney’s shakeup of Star Wars’ Expanded Universe.)

Case in point: Darth Maul: Apprentice, a fantastic fan film about Darth Maul’s training. Produced by the German filmmaking duo T7 Production, the film is excellent from a technical standpoint (e.g., production values, location, costumes and makeup). But most importantly, it has lots of awesome Sith vs. Jedi lightsaber action. And, for good measure, there’s even a bit of an emotional arc for the Sith Apprentice. (Via)

Related: This “behind the scenes” featurette that shows, among other things, how they choreographed the lightsaber battles.

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