Denison Witmer is coming to a living room near you

As of today, Denison Witmer is beginning a series of living room concerts — which strikes me as completely appropriate for his brand of quiet folk/pop. Here’s the list of concert dates:

  • 10/6 — Lebanon, IL
  • 10/7 — Lafayette, IN
  • 10/8 — Indianaoplis, IN
  • 10/9 — Hamilton, Ontario
  • 10/10 — Toronto, Ontario
  • 10/11 — Grimsby, Ontario
  • 11/2 — Sterling, VA
  • 11/4 — Washington, DC
  • 11/5 — Sinking Spring, PA
  • 11/6 — Ephrata, PA

You can purchase tickets from Undertow Music Collective.

However, if you’re like me and not lucky enough to live in any of those fair cities, don’t worry: Witmer will be recording all of his living room shows and releasing a compilation entitled Live In Your Living Room later this year. Of course, those who are able to make it any of the above shows will be able to purchase an extended edition of the compilation, but I’m not jealous or anything… nope, not at all.

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