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February 2023 Special: Subscribe to Opus Today and Save 50%

As a way to mark Opus’ silver anniversary, I’m offering a special discount on subscriptions for the month of February.

Last year, to mark Opus’ 25th anniversary, I ran a special offer for the month of February: 50% off subscriptions for 12 months. Well, February is here again, and the offer’s back: For the month of February, subscriptions are 50% off. That’s $2.50/month or $25/year for the first 12 months of your Opus subscription.

In addition to my regular blogging here on Opus and the free content on Substack (e.g., the “Weekend Reads” newsletters that I send out every Saturday), paying subscribers get access to the following:

  • Monthly playlists that highlight a specific artist, genre, or theme. (Click here for a sample playlist.)
  • Monthly podcast episodes that highlight a specific song in a playlist, and what makes it so special. (Click here to listen to a sample episode.)
  • Early access to special Opus features, like my monthly streaming recommendations and year-end reviews.
  • Commenting and community features.

If reading Opus has ever helped you find a new favorite band, album, movie, etc., then consider becoming a paid subscriber today. Your support helps offset the costs of hosting, maintaining, and promoting Opus and ensures its ongoing existence — and paves the way for other future plans, as well.

Remember: This 50% off special — $2.50/month or $25/year — is only available during the month of February 2023. Subscribe today and get access to a whole new level of Opus.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

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