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Feeling Social

I realize that it sometimes might seem a little slow around here, with significant updates and reviews few and far between. I haven’t totally vanished into the ether, I assure you. I have, however, begun to rely a little bit more on Twitter to post quick updates, links, and other bite-sized chunks of goodness. Yes, that’s right: I am tweeting quite a bit these days. And for what it’s worth, I’m also Facebooking to my little heart’s content. I’m trying, however, to keep the two separate.

It seems like all the rage to update your social networks with the exact same batch of info, which feels like overkill to me. Twitter and Facebook are not the same things in my mind, no matter how much they might want me to think otherwise, and as such, I’m using them differently.

Here’s how it basically breaks down: geekier stuff will appear on Twitter and more random and personal stuff will appear on Facebook. There will, of course, be some overlap between the two. And neither one of them will ever replace Opus. This website, in addition to Filmwell, will always remain my primary avenue for online publishing, particularly for longer form content, such as music and movie reviews.

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