“Horizons” by ISON (Music Video)

The video’s stunning natural imagery is quite fitting for the song’s dramatic arrangements.

One of the albums that I mentioned in my 2023 music preview was Stars & Embers by ISON, a Swedish “cosmic metal” project headed up by Daniel Änghede (Crippled Black Phoenix, Hearts of Black Science). I’ve been enamored with ISON’s blend of metal, ambient, electronic, and shoegaze music ever since 2015’s Cosmic Drone EP, and each subsequent release has been a true journey through otherworldly and interstellar spaces.

No official release date for Stars & Embers has been announced, but the album will be available for pre-orders on March 3. Until then, enjoy this video for “Horizons,” the album’s first single. If you can call a ten-minute track full of slow-burning atmospherics, sweeping synth textures, and haunting vocals courtesy of Irish singer Lisa Cuthbert a “single,” that is. The song’s video is filled with stunning natural imagery (e.g., roiling seas, star-filled skies, volcanoes) that’s quite fitting for the song’s dramatic arrangements.

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