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Idiot Box

For some reason, I haven’t watched television in several months. That includes, believe it or not, The Simpsons (although I can still drop quotes with the best of them). My TV still gets plenty of attention, thanks mainly to NetFlix and my weakness for kung fu movies. But when people start talking about The Sopranos, CSI, Alias, and whatnot, I just have a blank look. I’ve heard of them, but they just don’t interest me at all. Give me M*A*S*H any day of the week.

I think part of it is simply because my house got rid of cable awhile back. It was just too expensive, and as can be expected, we got tired of paying for 90 channels when we only watched 5 or 6 with any regularity. However, I might have to start ponying up the cash again, now that The Anime Network and Blackbelt TV are on their way.

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