Joy Electric’s Latest EP (And More…)

Joy Electric
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Ronnie Martin’s been a busy boy. First, he released The Ministry of Archers, one of the darker things he’s done in awhile, and a CD that had some nice nods towards the classic JoyE sound of albums such as We Are the Music Makers (which has always been my fave JoyE disc, for the record).

And now, he’s gearing up to release a new EP. Montgolfier And The Romantic Balloons comes out this month, and consists of two parts. The first part, “Montgolfier And The Romantic Balloons”, features 5 brand new songs and is a nod towards some of the earlier JoyE material. The second part, “Other Archers” features three remixes of material from The Ministry Of Archers (including a remix of my fave song from that album, “Quite Quieter Than Spiders”) and a bonus track from The Ministry Of Archers 12″.

All of your questions about the new EP can be found at the Joy Electric website; just click on “Notes” in the side menu.

Now if you’re anything like me, than you’ll probably go ahead and buy this without having heard a single second. But if you’re a cautious consumer, than head on over to Joy Electric’s Myspace page, where you’ll find “The Fifth Point of the Compass” for your streaming pleasure. It’s a solid track, and definitely contains echoes of Five Stars For Failure’s dreamy and melancholy bleepery.

And if you’re yearning for even more JoyE, head over to Fine China’s Myspace site and listen to Martin’s remix of “Prosecute Electrocute.”

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