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Listen to Asthmatic Kitty’s August 2010 Digital Sampler

The good folks at Asthmatic Kitty — home to such luminaries as Castanets, Liz Janes, My Brightest Diamond, and a relative unknown by the name of Sufjan Stevens — have just released their August 2010 digital sampler. The sampler, which can be streamed or downloaded for free, contains 10 tracks that should give you a pretty good idea of the diversity abounding within the label’s roster, from Shannon Stephens’ winsome folksiness to Half-Handed Cloud’s lo-fi whimsy. Here’s the complete track list:

  1. Fol Chen — “The Holograms”
  2. Trumans Water — “5 – 7-10 Split”
  3. Shapes and Sizes — “Tell Your Mum”
  4. Kristin Miltner — “Dreaming Longing”
  5. Rafter — “Beauty, Beauty”
  6. Shannon Stephens — “Catch the Morning Line”
  7. Instruments of Science & Technology — “Old Hanshakes”
  8. Half-handed Cloud — “Armstrong’s Line”
  9. Epstein — “Gallop”
  10. DM Stith — “I Heart Wig” (Featuring I Heart Lung)
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