Mads Mikkelsen Goes on a Rampage of Revenge in Netflix’s Polar

A hitman movie starring Mads Mikkelsen in an eyepatch? Yes, please.

Update: Polar is awful (read my review). I’m sorry I hyped it so much with this post.

Stop me if you heard this one before: a hitman grows tired of his violent ways and retires to a quiet, little corner of the world, only to be betrayed by his former comrades and drawn back into his old, bloody lifestyle. It’s a tired movie cliché… and I will never not watch it.

Consider this upcoming Netflix original film, Polar, which is based on the Victor Santos comic and stars Mads Mikkelsen as The Black Kaiser, aka, the world’s greatest assassin. Yes, I feel like I’ve seen everything in the above trailer before, but I don’t really care. You’ve got Mikkelsen basically doing what looks like a John Wick-type role, but with an eyepatch. I’m all in.

Polar starts streaming on Netflix on January 25. Via

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