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New Lovesliescrushing Album: Glinter

The duo’s latest album is one of their most ambient and abstract releases to date… and that’s saying something.
Glinter - lovesliescrushing

Shoegazer duo lovesliescrushing have recently released a new album on TQA Records titled Glinter. After listening to it for several days, I think it’s safe to say that those expecting the harsher (though still lovely) sounds of bloweyelashwish or last year’s Ghost Colored Halo EP might be disappointed.

Though obviously a lovesliescrushing album — Scott Cortez’s guitar tones are as inimitable and sublime as ever — Glinter is quite a bit more ambient, its three 20+ minute multi-part pieces stretching the duo’s trademark guitar and vocal-only soundscapes to their utmost. Indeed, it might be the most ambient, and abstract, release they’ve done since 2007’s Chorus.

You can listen to the album below.

Glinter is also available as a special edition CDR (limited to 200 copies).

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