Recent and Upcoming Lovesliescrushing Activity

The “beautiful noise” duo are keeping busy with releases of new and archived material.

Longtime readers will know that I’m a huge fan of lovesliescrushing, the “beautiful noise” duo of Scott Cortez and Melissa Arpin Duimstra, and have been for many years. Thankfully, the duo have been pretty active in recent years, releasing new music and re-issuing older releases, and the last few months are no different.

“Ghost Colored Halo”

Last week, lovesliescrushing released Ghost Colored Halo on Projekt Records, a revised and expanded version of a self-titled EP by the same name from 2011 (my review). The album was recorded live in one take, without any overdubs, and as such, is one of the rawer releases in the lovesliescrushing discography, though it still creates the same hallucinatory effect that one has come to expect from the duo.

There are some differences between the Projekt release and the self-released EP, though. For example, “The Wounds That Won’t Heal” is now “The Tiger Hunts Alone” and the title track has been transformed from an eight-minute bliss-out session into something more solemn and ominous where Cortez’ guitar conjures up church bells and funeral processions.

New Album

The duo announced earlier this year that Ghost Colored Halo would actually be a “sister” release to their next release, an as-yet-untitled double album that will be released this summer.

Wavertone Archives

Finally, the band’s Wavertone label has released some older material via the Wavertone Bandcamp page. This includes Glissceule (one of my fave lovesliescrushing releases, my review), Shiny Tiny Stars (which features some of the band’s earliest recordings), and various side projects (like the more beat-oriented Polykroma and Transient Stellar).

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