New Music From The Mary Onettes

One of Sweden’s finest bands have released four new songs this year.
The Mary Onettes (2022)

I like to think that I’m usually on top of things like this, but somehow I missed the fact that The Mary Onettes — aka, one of Sweden’s finest indie/alternative bands — have already released an EP’s worth of new music this year.

Back in March, they released “Easy Hands”/“Pearl Machine” and then earlier this week, they released “Forever Before Love”/“Future Grief.” All four songs are of the same sort of breezy, dreamily melancholy pop that the quartet produces with seemingly no effort whatsoever, and has been producing for almost two decades now. (I’m particularly partial to “Future Grief,” a duet with Agnes Aldén.)

Both singles — which are hopefully a sign of even more to come (like a new album, perhaps?) — have been released on Welfare Sounds & Records, though are currently unavailable on Bandcamp, hence the Spotify embeds.

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