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The Mary Onettes’ Debut Album Turns 10, Gets Reissued

An absolute cracking album that reminds you of favorite ’80s alternative heroes without ever feeling derivative.
The Mary Onettes

Ten years ago, Labrador Records released the self-titled debut by Sweden’s The Mary Onettes. It’s an absolutely cracking album that recalls everything you ever loved about bands ranging from The Cure, The Smiths, and Echo and the Bunnymen to The Jesus and Mary Chain… without ever sounding derivative.

On November 10, Labrador will reissue the album on vinyl and re-release the CD, but you can listen to the entire album below.

The whole album is strong as ever but “Slow,” in particular, remains one of my favorite songs from the last decade. Or, as I wrote ten years ago, “it’s a pop song that’s so effortless and gorgeous, it makes you want to live forever out of the hope that it might just be blasting on Heaven’s PA system whilst you and your loved ones dance away into the night.”

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