New Subscriber Playlist: “Ghost Ambient”

This month’s subscriber-only playlist and podcast episode provide a broad overview of Tor Lundvall’s shadowy musical world.
Tor Lundvall

It’s finally getting a little greyer and chillier here in Nebraska, so naturally, I’m gravitating towards music that matches the changing weather. Which means that I’ve been listening to a lot of Tor Lundvall lately. For nearly three decades, Lundvall has been crafting a shadowy musical world that’s entirely his own, ranging from synth-pop to experimental pieces to stark instrumental compositions that are perfectly accompanied by Lundvall’s moody and vaguely unsettling artwork.

This month’s playlist, titled “Ghost Ambient,” provides a broad overview of Lundvall’s music, from his earliest recordings through today. Lundvall’s earliest recordings — 1997’s Passing Through Alone as well as the archival material on 2019’s A Strangeness In Motion — land squarely in synth-pop territory. His subsequent releases, ranging from 2016’s Rain Studies to 2018’s A Dark Place are often far more ambient, abstract, and experimental.

Accompanying the playlist is the latest episode of my“Playlist Breakdown” podcast, in which I spotlight one of the playlist’s songs and why it’s so special, interesting, and/or meaningful. In this month’s episode, I discuss “Quiet Room,” the opening track from A Dark Place, which effectively blends his early synth-pop approach with the more abstract and ambient music of his later recordings.

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