One Percent

What did Lincoln/Omaha scene kids do before One Percent Productions came along? Probably sat in their bedrooms playing Cursive and Bright Eyes records all day, hoping that a good show might come somewhere within a few hours drive. But thankfully, that’s changed quite a bit in the past year or so.

Those boys at One Percent are building up a vast reservoir of good karma with their bookings. Just take a look at some of what’s coming down the pipe in the next few months…

  • March 12 — Ester Drang, Haley Bonar, Mr. 1986
  • March 13 — The Stills, Little Brazil, The Kyle Harvey Band
  • March 24 — Death Cab For Cutie, Ben Kweller, +/-
  • April 28 — Of Montreal, Tilly And The Wall, Son, Ambulance
  • May 17 — My Morning Jacket, M. Ward

And those are just the ones I’m planning to go to (I’ll be at Ester Drang fo sho!). I’m sure that some of you hipsters from New York and L.A. are probably going “Pshaw! I see that many shows in a week.” Well, this is Lincoln, Nebraska buster, and I, for one, am thankful for what we’re getting.

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