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Unwed Sailor. June 22. Omaha.

I just got an e-mail from Austin in Kite Pilot. He’s bringing the mighty Unwed Sailor to Omaha on June 22, to play at Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream with The Atlas. The show starts at 10pm and costs $5. For more tour dates, check out Unwed Sailor’s website.

I saw them awhile ago in Des Moines, when they were touring in support of The Marionette and the Music Box. However, that was a long time ago, and it seemed like the band had disappeared since then. Bandleader Johnathon Ford was busy with other stuff, Nic Tse had traded his effects pedal for a bass guitar and was playing in Mika Bomb, and… well, that was about all I knew. So it’s nice to see that the Sailor is still going strong.

Unwed Sailor is part of a lot of good memories for me, most of them taking place at the Cornerstone Festival. I’ve seen the band many times, and though they’ve never been flashy or wildly groundbreaking, there’s always been a purity and integrity to their music that I’ve always appreciated. Plus, Ford is just a genuinely nice guy, not to mention a great bass player — he did play in Roadside Monument, remember.

Wow… first mewithoutYou and now Unwed Sailor. That’s two very promising Omaha concerts in one month.

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