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Opus Turns 25! (Also, a Special Offer for New Subscribers)

As a way to mark Opus’ silver anniversary, I’m offering a special discount on subscriptions for the month of February.
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The end of 2021 marked a pretty significant personal milestone: I have officially been blogging on Opus for over 25 years now. What began as a simple way to share new music discoveries with a few friends that I’d met on this newfangled thing called the “internet” has become something much bigger than I ever thought possible. Which seems like something worth celebrating.

So to mark Opus’ 25th anniversary, I’m offering a special discount on new subscriptions. For the month of February, subscriptions are 50% off. That’s $2.50/month or $25/year for the first year of your Opus subscription.

In addition to my regular blogging here on Opus and the free content on Substack (e.g., the “Weekend Reads” newsletters that I send out every Saturday), paying subscribers get access to the following:

  • Monthly playlists that highlight a specific artist, genre, or theme. (Click here for a sample playlist.)
  • Monthly podcast episodes that highlight a specific song in a playlist, and what makes it so special. (Click here to listen to a sample episode.)
  • Early access to special Opus features, like my monthly streaming recommendations and year-end reviews.
  • Commenting and community features.

If reading Opus has ever helped you find a new favorite band, album, movie, etc., then consider becoming a paid subscriber today. Your support helps offset the costs of hosting, maintaining, and promoting Opus and ensures its ongoing existence — and paves the way for other future plans, as well.

Remember: This 50% off special — $2.50/month or $25/year — is only available during the month of February 2022. Subscribe today and get access to a whole new level of Opus.

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