Corridor Digital rights a wrong and envisions what a mustachioed Superman might look like.

When Joss Whedon took over as director of 2017’s Justice League, he reshot a lot of the film. But in doing so, he faced a dilemma: Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, had already begun working on Mission: Impossible — Fallout, for which he’d grown a rather impressive handlebar mustache. A mustache that he was contractually required to keep.

As a result, Justice League’s visual effects artists had to digitally remove Cavill’s mustache from Whedon’s new footage, which they did with varying amounts of success, to put it kindly. (In all fairness to them, though, recreating and animating the human face, and in particular, the mouth, is not easy. One wrong move, and it’s easy to land smack dab in the middle of the uncanny valley.)

This means that somewhere in WB’s vaults, there exists footage of a gloriously mustachioed Superman — a fact that people have apparently forgotten about in all of the hullabaloo surrounding the recently released Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But not everyone.

The folks at Corridor Digital — whose “VFX Artists React” and “Stuntmen React” videos are favorites here at Opus HQ — have used various effects methods (e.g., deepfakes, CGI) to envision the glory that is a Kryptonian mustache. And maybe, just maybe, they can convince to WB executives to step up and give the people what they really want. Nay, what they need.

Release the Mustache cut!

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