Netflix and Corridor Crew Present Punch 4 Punch

See what it takes to recreate one of the iconic stunts from Stranger Things’ fourth season.

As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of Corridor Crew’s various “React” videos; I look forward to each new one when it’s posted on Saturday. Not only is it really entertaining to watch people who are passionate about visual effects, stunts, animation, etc., share that passion, but their videos are educational and filled with fascinating “behind the scenes” info. Needless to say, when the Crew hinted that they were working on a new project with Netflix, I was immediately intrigued.

Punch 4 Punch is a series of short videos where Niko, Gui (who has become an awesome de facto guest host for the “Stuntmen React” videos), and various guests recreate iconic scenes from Netflix titles and explore what goes into the stunts involved. The first episode looks at the battle between Eleven and Vecna from Stranger Things’ fourth season, and reveals everything necessary for “psychically” hurling a person through a wall.

There’s a bit of a MythBusters vibe going on here, which is not a bad thing. (Speaking of MythBusters, be sure to check out Corridor Crew’s collaborations with Adam Savage.) Future Punch 4 Punch episodes will break down scenes from The Witcher, Day Shift, and Cobra Kai.

Punch 4 Punch is currently available on the “Still Watching Netflix” channel.

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