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Sailor Types

On the heels of some good news from the Ester Drang camp, Unwed Sailor has just dropped some bombs on y’all.

The band has several releases planned for March 2003. First up, the new full-length, entitled The Marionette and the Music Box, will be released by the good folks at Burnt Toast Vinyl. The band also contributed a track to the For Jonathan compilation coming out on The Great Vitamin Mystery, which also features the likes of Tarentel, Her Space Holiday, Early Day Miners, and Jessica Bailiff. Finally, a U.S. tour is also being planned for March.

I’ve got a review ready to go on the site, but I’ll just tell you now… get off your butt and get the new Torrez disc, which just came out November 19, but only if you’re into slow, aching ballads and smoky female vocals. If you liked Mazzy Star, you’ll fall head over heels for these guys.

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