“Sing the Song” by The Rocky Valentines

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the musical tree in this single from Charles Martin, son of Starflyer 59’s Jason Martin.

Given that his dad is Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 fame — and, for that matter, that his uncle is Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric fame — it should come as no surprise that Charles Martin has some musical chops of his own. Recording as The Rocky Valentines with assistance from bassist Steve Dail (Project 86, Crash Rickshaw, Red Strat), the younger Martin blends his earnest vocals with solid hooks and heavy riffs a-plenty.

Much like Starflyer 59’s music, there’s a definite nostalgia drifting through the eight songs on Erase, which seems a bit odd given Martin’s age. Album opener “Sing the Song,” for example, perfectly evokes the sort of noisy alternative rock that was all the rage in the mid ’90s (e.g., Dinosaur Jr., Weezer). So much so that I experience a quasi-Mandela effect every time I listen to it, and have to remind myself that I did not, in fact, first hear it when I was a college freshman circa 1995.

The Rocky Valentines’ Erase is currently available via Velvet Blue Music.

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