“Symmetry” by The Julies

The Julies’ first song in nearly three decades is a lovely slice of heavy dreampop.

Way back in 1996, The Julies released the Lovelife EP on Flying Tart, a six-song collection of rollicking indie-pop gems influenced by shoegaze and Britpop. And then they disbanded. Since then, a cult following has developed around the band, and earlier this year, Lost In Ohio released some previously “lost” mixes from the Lovelife recording sessions.

And now they’ve released an honest-to-goodness new Julies single. “Symmetry” is quite a bit heavier than Lovelife’s tunes, with vocalist Chris Newkirk lamenting society’s emphasis on conformity and fitting in (“We’re heavy hearts and broken dreams/Symmetry isn’t everything”). Meanwhile, Alex Yost and Patrick Zbyszewski, along with several collaborators, create a thick, dreamy sound.

The song premiered on New Noise Magazine, where Newkirk called it their “calling all misfits” song: “We grew up on bands that embodied the outsider persona, and as fans, we always found community in our shared wonder of their work. It just felt important to celebrate that motivation to make and share music right out of the reunion gate.”

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