The Julies’ Lovelife EP is Getting Reissued via Kickstarter

The Lost in Ohio label is remastering the long-lost EP and releasing it on vinyl for the first time.
Lovelife - The Julies

In the annals of music, there are numerous bands that should’ve made it, that should’ve broken big, but for one reason or another, broke up and faded away into obscurity too soon, their meager output relegated to discount bins, Ebay auctions, a entry, and maybe an MP3 blog or a couple of YouTube uploads courtesy of some diehard fan.

New Jersey’s The Julies are one such band. They only have two releases to their name: a self-released cassette in 1994 followed by their only label release, the Lovelife EP (1996, Flying Tart). Over the years, I saw The Julies mentioned on a forum here or a mailing list there, and always in glowing terms, but I didn’t actually get to hear their music until a decade or so after the fact, when a friend somehow scored a copy of their EP in a used CD store.

Produced by The Throes’ William Campbell, and falling somewhere on the spectrum between Luxury’s swagger and The Autumns’ goth-y dreampop, The Julies’ Lovelife EP is the sort of propulsive, Brit-influenced indie-pop that would’ve been a smash throughout the indie music blogosphere — had such a thing existed back in the mid-90s.

But now The Julies are getting a second lease on life courtesy of new label Lost in Ohio, which has launched a Kickstarter campaign to remaster the Lovelife EP and reissue it on vinyl. Campaign rewards include limited edition shirts and posters and colored vinyl editions.

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