Video for “The Night Before the Funeral” by The Mary Onettes

It’s more than a video, it’s a trip into frontman Philip Ekström’s childhood. (Ekström also directed the video.) From the press release:

“The Night Before The Funeral” is Philip of The Mary Onettes’ debut as a director. The video connects very strongly to him and bandmate / brother Henrik who plays the main character in the video.

All the places you see in the video have strong ties to his and his brother Henrik’s childhood. The forest that you see is the forest where Philip hung out with the association “Friluftsfrämjandet” every Saturday for eight years. The football pitch is located just around the corner from the house where they grew up in. The beach was where they used to go in the summer when they were kids. The apartment where Henrik picks up a guitar is their gran[d]mothers old apartment.

“The Night Before the Funeral” is currently available from iTunes.

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