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“Words” by Allison Lorenzen

The Colorado-based darkwave artist dives headfirst into the song’s dark undercurrents.

“Words” was the very first Low song I ever heard, from 1994’s I Could Live in Hope. I was entranced within the first minute, and it remains one of my favorite Low songs to this day, as well as a perfect example of their classic slowcore sound.

Colorado-based darkwave artist Allison Lorenzen is also a fan of the song, as evidenced by her cover for The Flenser’s upcoming Low tribute compilation. Titled Your Voice is Not Enough, the compilation features the likes of Midwife, Planning For Burial, Drowse, and Lorenzen. Lorenzen’s take on “Low” dives headfirst into the song’s dark undercurrents, setting layers of her voice against a throbbing bassline and industrial grindings and groanings.

Your Voice is Not Enough will be released by The Flenser in 2024, and is dedicated to the memory of Mimi Parker, who died in 2022 after battling ovarian cancer.

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