15 Years of Opus

Reflections on Opus’ first 15 years, plus a reading list of some of Opus’ best articles, reviews, and interviews to date.
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Although it existed in several forms before August 10, 1999, that was the date I registered “opuszine.com,” the domain that would serve as Opus’ home for many years until I switched to opus.fm. Which means that Opus is now 15 years old. And while not my sole writing outlet — I’ve also written for Christ and Pop Culture, Filmwell, and Twitch — Opus is still very much my hypertext homebase (pardon the nerdy term).

Opus has changed quite a bit over the years. It has slowly evolved from a place to share random things with close friends (and teach myself HTML and CSS) to a somewhat legitimate webzine (which, if nothing else, got me Cornerstone Festival press credentials) to its current form (whatever that might be).

What hasn’t changed, though, is my desire to constantly improve Opus and use it to hone my talents as both a writer and a web developer — and to make it an interesting and thought-provoking experience for the thousands of people who visit every month.

To that end, I think Opus has been pretty successful (though improvement is always possible). Many thanks to those who have read, contributed, and offered feedback and camaraderie. I’ve met some very cool people, and had some great experiences and opportunities, as a direct result of running this website/webzine/blog/whatever. It’s grown into something more than I ever imagined it could be back in 1999.

The Best of Opus

Given the occasion, it seems only appropriate to compile a “best of” list from the thousands of articles, reviews, etc. that have been posted on Opus over the years.

These articles represent what I’m most proud of about Opus, and what I hope will be part of Opus’ legacy. Here’s to 15 more years, and then some. All glory and honor, world without end…

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