August Reflections

August was the site’s busiest month so far in 2023.

August was arguably Opus’ busiest month of 2023 so far. For starters, this month had the most traffic of the year due in large part, I suspect, to posts like these:

While my Sound of Freedom article was posted in mid-July, it continued to receive pretty solid traffic throughout August. And of course, there was my 7K Giveaway. The giveaway was, by no means, big or complicated. It’s no small amount of work, however, to manage subscriptions, order prizes, do social media promotions, notify winners, etc.

And things aren’t necessarily slowing down. I’m continually tinkering with the site behind-the-scenes and testing new features. It’s a bit of an obsession, at this point, but a relatively harmless one, I think.

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