Bacon and Cookies… Together At Last

I posted about our community food blog, Needs More Butter, a few months ago. And this morning, whilst perusing MetaFilter, I came across its sister blog: Never Bashful With Butter. And more specifically, their recipe for — yes, you guessed it — bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple cinnamon glaze. Which, according to the author, are delicious.

Now admittedly, a part of me is really grossed out by this. I have a thing — some might call it a neurosis — about “odd” food combinations. I’m not an adventurous eater. I’m perfectly content with what I know and usually don’t see much need to “spread out” or be “adventurous” in my tastes. But on the other hand, this is bacon we’re talking about here. And as they put it:

Typically, I would never advocate the addition of meat to a sweet cookie, but I’ve always viewed bacon as “the candybar of meats” so I only felt slightly weird about it.

It’s a good point. I’ve never thought of bacon in candybar terms, but it makes perfect sense.

I have a feeling that a batch will be whipped up for this week’s community dinner, so I’ll be able to decide for myself. Last week I had bacon-wrapped dates (which weren’t quite the religious experience that I’d been told, but weren’t bad), so why not bacon chocolate chip cookies this week?

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