Christmas Comes Early With John Woo’s Silent Night

The action cinema maestro returns with a new holiday-themed revenge film starring Joel Kinnaman.

Six years have passed since John Woo’s last film, 2017’s Manhunt, starring Zhang Hanyu and Masaharu Fukuyama. But the man who brought us some of the greatest action movies of all time — specifically, 1989’s The Killer and 1992’s Hard Boiled (and sure, 1996’s Broken Arrow, a guilty pleasure of mine) — is finally back.

Starring Joel Kinnaman and Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, Silent Night tells the age-old tale of a father (Kinnaman) who goes on a Christmas Eve rampage to avenge his son who was killed in a gang crossfire. What’s more, the film contains no dialog, in part because Kinnaman’s character is rendered mute in the crossfire.

In addition to Woo’s direction — which looks crazy in this first trailer — Silent Night is also produced by one of the folks behind the John Wick franchise. Indeed, it’ll be interesting to see how one of the filmmakers instrumental to inspiring the John Wick franchise operates in a post-John Wick world.

Will the king reclaim his crown? Or will Silent Night turn out to be another generic revenge flick? We’ll find out when Silent Night arrives in theaters on December 1.

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