The Cure Release More Disintegration-Era Material

The Cure's Disintegration

I wrote about the impending release of the deluxe, three-disc edition of The Cure’s Disintegration, one of the greatest “alternative” albums of all time, back in March. The release date has since been pushed back from May 24, 2010 to June 8, 2010. In the meantime, The Cure have launched a website for the Disintegration release. However, it’s more than just a mere promotional website.

Once you make it past the lengthy preloader, you’ll find that the website features all manner of Disintegration-related material, including liner notes, videos, and — surprise! — 20 unreleased demos, mixes, and live performances that won’t be on the actual CD release. Here’s the complete tracklist:

  1. “Closedown” (RS Home Instrumental Demo 5/88)
  2. “Last Dance” (RS Home Instrumental Demo 5/88)
  3. “Lullaby” (RS Home Instrumental Demo 5/88)
  4. “Tuned Out On RTV5” (Instrumental Rehearsal 6/88)
  5. “Funknnotfunk” (Instrumental Rehearsal 6/88)
  6. “Babble” (Instrumental Rehearsal 6/88)
  7. “Plainsong” (Instrumental Demo 9/88)
  8. “Pictures of You” (Instrumental Demo 9/88)
  9. “Fear of Ghosts” (Instrumental Demo 9/88)
  10. “Fascination Street” (Instrumental Demo 9/88)
  11. “Homesick” (Instrumental Demo 9/88)
  12. “Delirious Night” (Instrumental Demo 9/88)
  13. “Out Of Mind” (Studio Instrumental Jam 10/88)
  14. “2 Late” (Studio WIP’ Mix 11/88)
  15. “Lovesong” (Studio WIP’ Mix 11/88)
  16. “Prayers for Rain” (Studio WIP’ Mix 11/88)
  17. “The Same Deep Water As You” (Live Dallas Starplex 9/15/89)
  18. “Disintegration” (Live Dallas Starplex 9/15/89)
  19. “Untitled” (Live Dallas Starplex 9/15/89)
  20. “Faith” (Live Rome Palaeur 6/4/89 — Crowd Bootleg)

If you don’t feel like streaming these tracks, you can download them via Chain Of Flowers.

Also, you’ll notice that several of the above tracks — e.g., “The Same Deep Water As You”, “Disintegration” — were taken from a concert recorded at the Dallas Starplex on September 15, 1989. On May 24, the website will stream the whole concert, which consists of Disintegration performed in its entirety. Via Slicing Up Eyeballs

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