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I Will Gladly March in Mew’s Snow Brigade

There’s something ridiculously awesome about my favorite Mew moment.

Last week, I wrote about the first two singles from Mew’s upcoming — and highly anticipated (’round these parts, anyway) — album. While looking for additional info, clips, etc., I came across what is arguably my favorite Mew moment: their performance of “Snow Brigade” at the 2003 Danish Music Awards.

Yes, it’s probably lip synched and all that, but when I see the band’s hair and scarves whipping around in the indoor breeze while confetti swirls around them, I just don’t care. There’s something ridiculously awesome — or maybe just awesomely ridiculous — about the theatricality of it all. Oh, and as for the song itself? It’s arguably the definitive Mew track, even moreso than “Apocalypso” and “The Zookeeper’s Boy,” and it simply rocks.

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