Listen to Two Songs from Mew’s Upcoming Album

The band’s upcoming album — their “most versatile yet” — will be released on April 27.

When I listed the albums I was most looking forward to in 2015, I didn’t know that Denmark’s Mew were also prepping a new album this year. Titled +/-, the album will their first in six years, after 2009’s No More Stories…. In a recent interview, Mew frontman Jonas Bjerre describes the album as their “most versatile yet.” He continues: “The songs are each very different from each other, but somehow it works.”

You can listen to this versatility in the two +/- tracks Mew have released so far. The first, “Satellites,” is classic Mew: all pretty and floaty one moment, thanks to Bjerre’s whimsical voice and lyrics, and the next, soaring, bombastic, and rocking arenas from here to Copenhagen.

The second track, titled “Water Slides,” is a bit subtler than “Satellites,” more of a slow-burn that utilizes layers of Bjerre’s vocals to great effect.

+/- will be released on April 27 by Play It Again Sam.

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